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Who We Are


Dakota Bourne

Director of Field Services

Dakota has been with KLA Environmental Services since 2015 and provides leadership to our Scott City team members. He manages field services, data collection, seepage testing, construction observation and CADD drafting. A valuable asset to the team, Dakota is efficient, detail-oriented and professional.


Jarred Green

Director of Water Resource Engineering

Jarred has been working for KLA Environmental Services as an engineering project manager since 2005. A valuable asset to the team, he is efficient, detail-oriented and professional. He applies resources of the firm on small and large projects involving water resources, hydrology and hydraulics, agricultural engineering, geotechnical engineering and civil engineering on projects throughout the United States. Jarred is a licensed professional engineer in Kansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania. He provides team leadership and often manages our water resources and flood protection projects.


Craig Griswold

Engineering Project Manager

Craig is incredibly qualified for this job with experience working on engineering projects. Craig assists clients with feeding facility layout, waste management system planning, seepage testing, construction administration, environmental compliance, soil liner sampling and testing, and water supply system analysis and design. He comes to us with the skills necessary to perform every type of project.


Katlynn Bourne

Compliance Consultant

Katlynn works closely with livestock feeding facilities to manage environmental compliance. She has valuable experience in natural resources and a passion for animal agriculture. Katlynn's daily activities include managing compliance records, performing assessments, completing permit applications, developing and maintaining web-based data collection and recordkeeping tools and managing water rights.


Elliott Harris

Director of Agricultural Engineering

Elliott is a professional engineer in Kansas, with more than two decades of engineering experience. He serves as a project manager and is our team leader on a wide range of agricultural, civil and environmental engineering projects. Elliott is proficient at feeding facility layout and design, offering highly valued efficiency and routinely result in significant construction cost savings.


J.R. Colson

Senior Engineering Technician and Designer

J.R. has been with KLA Environmental Services since 2001 and is incredibly qualified for this job. With years of experience working on engineering projects, he possesses the skills necessary to perform most every type of project we encounter. J.R.'s areas of experience include surveying, planning, design and layout of detailed conservation practices as well as designing livestock waste systems and nutrient management plans. J.R. provides leadership in the areas of field services, data collection, seepage testing, construction observation and CADD drafting.


Clint Bain

Agronomy and Compliance Specialist

Clint joined our Scott City office in August 2021 as a compliance and agronomy specialist. He has both a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Kansas. Most recently, he served as a district extension director for K-State Research and Extension. He assists our clients with soil, manure and wastewater sampling, interpreting laboratory results and developing nutrient management plans. Clint also helps livestock producers manage compliance records and complete permit applications using our industry-leading web-based data collection and record keeping tools.


Nicola Gregory

Office Administrator

Nicola is the office administrator at our Scott City location with over 15 years of office administration, information management and quality control experience. Nicola joined KLA Environmental Services in 2019. She manages office facilities, resources, administrative procedures and client data.

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